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The March 2019 Announcer

Announcements for March 17, 2019 - Second Sunday in Lent

Good Morning, welcome, and welcome to the second Sunday in Lent!  Even amid Lent we live in the light of Easter, and every Sabbath celebrates salvation! Welcome to worship, to forgiveness, to everlasting life.

Everyone is invited to come downstairs to the Memorial Room after worship to enjoy Coffee Hour!  Our hosts are Alice and Bill Schaller, in honor and celebration of their wedding anniversary yesterday—thanks to them!

Thanks to everyone who served in the ministries of the church this morning.

The Church Council meets after worship today.

IMPORTANT!  President Jenn is asking folks to please join us at Coffee Hour on March 24th on what to do if an armed intruder should enter our church. Every person who attends church regularly should try to watch this video if they can.

The Lenten Soup-n-Study on 2nd Corinthians continues this Wednesday at 6:30 PM! More books can be ordered should you wish to join us, just talk to Pastor!  This week our 2nd Corinthians passage for study is chapter 4: 1-15.

KITCHEN this month: March 30th is a fifth Saturday so it will be our turn to serve at the Community Kitchen of A Just Harvest.  We are asking for batches of Sloppy Joes, please tell Sue Bailey if you can make some; we need several servers to be at the kitchen that day, please talk to Beth Lanford.  Cash contributions are also welcome, as they help pay for the cost of the other parts of the dinner for which we are responsible.  Thank you!

Important announcement from the Board of Finance about donations and tax statements regarding goods received:  Wreaths and flowers ordered for Christmas and Easter by congregants are not considered donations as goods are being received.  Therefore, we cannot credit your account for these.  Please speak with someone from the Board of Finance should you have any questions.

Village Inn Pizza Fundraiser this month!! March 24th, from 11 AM to 11 PM plan to eat their food and help us raise funds if you are able.  See flyer for all the details, and Annie N. or Laura in the office for questions.

BUNCO is April 6th See insert for more details on the event, but for now we need your help to collect as many great prizes as we can!  Anything new that you might have or can purchase as a prize we’ll take!  Talk to Carol Iannotti or the office if you have any questions, you can drop off the prizes anytime during the week or on Sunday.  Thank you!

Today’s Call to confession, prayer of confession and dedication of the offering are reprinted by permission of United Church Press from Gathered by Love by Lavon Bayler.  Copyright ©1994 by United Church Press, ©2001 by The Pilgrim Press.

Please note from our inserts the important announcements pertaining to ordering Easter chancel flowers, making Easter Breakfast reservations, the Bunco Night Card Party & Raffle and next Sunday’s Village Inn Fundraiser for our church.



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