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The Baptism of Jesus Window

The Baptism of Jesus Window

This window was donated by William and Stella Ketter in memory of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ketter and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Levas. Here we see green and blue glass by the feet and legs of John and Jesus, for the water of the Jordan River. The Spirit descends above the shell held by John the Baptist. A shell is a symbol of baptism. As Jesus knew at His baptism that He would be a “suffering servant” kind of Messiah, (the Father’s words from heaven echoed the start of the “servant songs” in Isaiah, which end in redemptive suffering and death), the Spirit/dove is holding a cross in its beak. In the overhead panel, the hand of God sends forth light. These two windows have a common theme as they not only show Jesus’ divinity but also is where the Lord says, “This is my beloved Son,” or “This is my son, my chosen.”



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