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The March 2020 Announcer

Announcements for May 31, 2020 - Pentecost Sunday

Good Morning! Welcome on this day of Pentecost! May we be open to the Holy Spirit’s movement among us.         

Thanks to everyone who helped make today’s virtual worship on YouTube possible, and thanks to everyone who watches and encourages others to watch!          

Next Sunday, June 7th, is a Communion Sunday.  That means we suggest that folks worshiping with us via YouTube participate together beyond space and time, by having elements from your home ready with you. When Rev. Lanford invites us to take and eat, for the bread, a piece of bread, bun, or even some pita bread can be used; and at the time to ‘take and drink,’ for the cup, have some grape juice, water, or wine (the big three) or if you prefer something other to drink when we partake, of that.

We are always grateful for any and all offerings to the church.  No amount is too small!  As we said in the opening announcements, you can support our work (and thus, your work too) by mailing in a check, signing up for electronic giving, or using PayPal as indicated, with links, on the first main page of announcements.  Depending on how you set up your PayPal account, you can arrange to pay whatever transaction fee there is yourself, or, that it will be included in your donation and deducted before it hits St. Peter’s account (so St. Peter’s, in effect, pays it).  Thank you very much for giving! 

Hospitalized:  Ginger’s friend Marty remains hospitalized.  Errol’s uncle Seymour completed his in-home quarantine!  Cristy Lopez has a co-worker hospitalized with the virus and Louie Lopez has a nephew with it; no updates there yet. 

Pastor’s podcasts The Redheaded Preacher, is available online anytime by clicking this link: https://soundcloud.com/user-601376219.Each week we record Pastor’s sermon and the scripture readings.  Great for walks while you stay safe! If people don’t have time to sit before a screen for most of an hour, the podcast gives you the Scriptures by the lector and message.  If people don’t have time to sit before a screen for most of an hour, the podcast gives you the Scriptures by the lector and message. 

Missing the monthly Announcer newsletter?  You may remember reading in the last, March, edition, that we are going to publish one every three months, or quarterly.  Let us know of graduations / births / weddings that you’d like us to include in the next issue, whenever that comes out! Thank you.

If we didn’t offer our congratulations before,we congratulate Bridgette Sterba and Kristine Hoellerich for graduating from Illinois State University; Nicole Miller from Webster University in Missouri, and Dylan Kahn from Maine South High School!  Let us know if there are others we need to announce!

Having birthdays this week are:  Jack Hoellerich, Barb Bailey, Ben Rees, Barb Todd, and June Peterson.  Celebrating wedding anniversaries will be Lana and Don Kahn, Ralph and Carol Burmeister, Nick and Susan Garcia, and Dayle and Gena Zelenka. 

Please keep in your prayers Jennifer Castillo, Maribel Powers and Angela Washek Kuras, all of whom are serving in hospitals as nurses or anesthesiologists, including work with COVID patients, and their families.  Cristy Lopez, Merle Tilos and Charlie Rasmason are also health care workers.  Let us know if there are others we are missing whom we can add for prayers!

According to the schedule next Sunday’s lector is Barb Todd.

Thank you to everyone who made a donation to the church enabling us to meet our covenant obligation to cooking for / serving at the Community Kitchen of A Just Harvest last Saturday.  We did raise the dollar amount needed by the Kitchen to prepare the full meal we bring and serve when it’s our turn.  By the way, our next turn for the Kitchen is Saturday, August 29th.         

We want to let you know that as of now the Music and Worship Committee along with the Church Council are expecting to maintain an on-line worship presence (livestream) once we are able to worship in person again. 

Our Call to and Prayer of Confession are reprinted by permission of United Church Press from Taught by Love by Lavon Bayler.  Copyright 1988 by United Church Press; 2000 by The Pilgrim Press.          

Meetings coming up:  Micah 6:8 is having a ‘Zoomer’ on Wednesday, June 3rd at 5:30 PM.  The Elders have a phone meeting on Thursday, June 4 at 4:00 PM.  It is hoped the Worship and Music Committee will hold a Zoom meeting soon.  Planning for livestream worship is a lot to discuss!



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