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Rev. Richard Lanford officiates at weddings of members and non-members alike. He requires 3 premarital counseling sessions, each of which lasts around 90 to 100 minutes. That means couples need to contact him within at least 4 months of the wedding if at all possible.

The sanctuary is air conditioned which is a plus in the summer. The sanctuary seats around 200 and boasts a 3 rank Moeller organ with an excellent organist on staff. Reverend Lanford must officiate in any wedding held at St. Peter's. The Pastor also will do weddings off the church grounds. Couples may bring in their own organist or pianist if the church organist okays this, but the Organist honorarium is still charged and will go to the church's organ fund.

There are honoraria for the use of the sanctuary and the staff. For Members of St. Peter's U.C.C., the fees are: Sanctuary: $250; Minister: waived for members; Organist: $200; Custodian: $100.

For non-members the honoraria are as follows:

Sanctuary: $250; Minister: $300; Organist: $200; Custodian: $100.

Bulletins can be provided by the church if requested and in consultation with the couple. That is an extra cost of $25 for this option. Also, it is customary if the organist / pianist accompanies any vocal soloist, to receive an additional $25 per song accompanied.

Full details on our entire Wedding & Reception Policies and fees on or off site can be found by CLICKING HERE.  

St. Peter's U.C.C. is not only a beautiful sanctuary (renovated in 1981) but is also easy to find at the corner of Oakton Street and Laramie Avenue. There is a parking lot to the east of the church building, which is the property of Skokie but is available on weekends which is very handy.

If you would like further information, you can call the church office at (847) 673-8166, or e-mail the church



 St. Peter's United Church of Christ
8013 Laramie Street
(Laramie and Oakton Streets)

Skokie, IL 60077
Phone: 847.673.8166
Fax: 847.674.7691
Office Email: Office@stpeteruccskokie.org

Pastor Email: RevLanford@aol.com