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District 69

St. Peter's is excited to be a part of the lives of families in our immediate neighborhood through our connection with District 69. St. Peter’s is a proud member of the Community Schools Steering Committee, working with the District and other community organizations to provide support to our local families.


Thanksgiving and Christmas Meals

Partnering with Sara Rankin, Community Schools Resource Coordinator for District 69 and Jewel Osco at 5667 Touhy in Niles, St. Peter’s delivers turkeys and sides for families in need in Skokie’s elementary schools for Thanksgiving and Christmas, where over 50% of District 69’s students fall in the low-to-no income range. 
As part of Jewel-Osco’s “Gobble Gobble” program, customers at the Niles store have donated "Turkey Bucks" to pay for these meals. The store then partners with St. Peter's for the distribution of the meals. 
Before Thanksgiving and Christmas, St. Peter’s receives the turkeys that the Jewel purchased through this voucher program – over 200 total meals – and delivers 130 of them to District 69 schools. Office Manager Laura Olson makes stickers for each meal with a welcoming, inviting note to the families who receive the turkeys. Schools often respond after the holidays with thank you cards for the church, signed by the students.
Meals that do not go to schools are given to families within the St. Peter’s community who need them, and the remainder of the dinners go to the Niles Township Food Pantry.

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