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Skokie Pride

Open and Affirming in Action

As an Open and Affirming Congregation, we participate in activities that support the LGBTQ+ people in Skokie and our wider community. We provide a safe and welcoming place to worship, and affirm every person's right to be who they are.


Other Ways We Show Our PRIDE

Pride March


Show Up


Fly Our Flag


Welcome Everyone


We are a people of extravagant welcome! Come in, take a pin, put it on, and join us on our journey!

An addition to the six-color Pride flag, this flag was introduced in 2017 in Philadelphia. In response to the huge LGBTQ+ community in the state who are People of Colour (PoC), they added the black and brown stripe to encompass Pride for them too.
With racism high within the LGBTQ+ community in Philadelphia, this was an important step of recognition for LGBTQ+ PoC, who are found to be one of the most marginalized communities in the world. This flag has now gone worldwide as an inclusive flag for everyone of different color, gender and sexuality - and this is the flag we fly in support of our open and affirming covenant.

Talk to Oakton Community College students and provide information about welcoming churches such as ours.

Along with the Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches, we participate in the Chicago Pride Parade

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